The Big Burn

It’s amazing how events overtake us towards the middle of December, isn’t it? I mean, just two weeks ago I was in the interior woods in -30 weather having a massive bonfire, and today I am sitting and fretting about getting the last Christmas present finished for my nephew and realizing that I haven’t even posted any photos of the Big Burn yet!

To recap (if you are not a regular reader): Me, my partner and two friends bought a very scraggly and sloped third of an acre in the interior of BC this past June. We are now working on getting it prepped to build a fairly rustic cabin (having nearly finished the outhouse this fall), which has involved a backhoe and a lot of hand clearing. This clearing and a collapsed cabin resulted in a monumental pile of debris which needed burning once there was enough snow on the ground…. and that happy event came together the first weekend of December.

To facilitate this massive fire, we cooked up a big pot of beans, bought a lot of beer  and diesel and invited several friends to join us – friends who were instrumental in helping keep the fire going in the cold. And wow, it was cold. So The Big Burncold that the beers we opened froze in our hands before we could finish drinking them! So cold that every time you stepped away from the fire the snot immediately froze in your nose!

But it was also clear, and not windy – which meant it was beautiful weather for a fire and even though some tree trunks caught a little bit, the frozen-ness of it all stopped the fire from spreading beyond its perimeter.

We are one more stage down on getting the lot prepped for clearing – now onto the paperwork for permits!

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