A hooded scarf for an apocalyptic winter


Given all the doom and gloom on the supposedly radioactive west coast* at the moment – I find myself asking: if forced to evacuate in the dead of winter, what’s the one garment I would most want to bundle up in? That’s right, a hooded scarf! Super efficient two garments in one, and I haven’t made one like it already.

So here it is, my apocalypse winter hooded scarf attempt number one. I’ve been wearing it during the cold snap of the past week and I totally love it! When I don’t have the hood up, it forms and attractive and warm cowl, but when I do wear it up — it frames my face in a pleasing way and keeps my ears warm.

Definitely going to be making one of these in red when I finish all the other projects in the holiday queue.

* Note: I don’t actually believe the west coast of Canada is any danger from Fukushima fall-out at the moment. Tongue-in-cheek only!


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