One finished shirt……

First finished article of clothing, Fall 2013In the last two weeks I bought a ton of fabric for making new fall and winter shirts. I’m tired of what’s in the wardrobe, but I can’t stand the idea of shopping for ready-made clothing right now which means….. somehow eking out the time to make myself some new things.

Yesterday I made this blouse from start to finish (almost finished, I have a sleeve facing that needs to be re-sewn and then the sleeves need turning up). It took longer than a blouse of this type might normally because 1) there are darts, and pleats, 2) the front is made up of six pieces of fabric which gives it a bit of flutter, and 3) it’s all french seams. (Pattern here).

A simple pull-over, this belongs with a plain skirt or jeans. I’ve got two denim skirts I plan to make this fall as well which would pair with this nicely.

I’m hoping to finish one more blouse/jacket this week before heading out to Link Lake (and away from my sewing machine) for a few days – and then to redouble my efforts in October/November to churn out several more garments for my autumn and winter wardrobe. (Fortunately in Vancouver we have mild winters which means from late fall until late spring one can really wear the same cloths with varying degrees of layering).

Mostly I’m just happy to have a single garment finished – since I have been struggling with a couple others started earlier this month – I needed to tackle something more straightforward but still fabulous to prove that I still have my sewing chops!

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