Yesterday’s list

  • Talk to the cabin company
  • Work on web contract
  • Pick up supplies for community banner-making project
  • Book family air tickets for travel to parental anniversary next year
  • Pick up work gloves, safety glasses and other odds and ends at Rona
  • Pin lace scarf for blocking
  • Laundry

Check, check, check. That’s what my Mondays “off” work look like! No doubt there is even more to do now that we’ve got this land and have to start working on getting it cleared off for building next spring.

But I’m not complaining because that is all stuff that I’ve chosen to take on and it’s all a part of fowarding the things I want in my life – family, a little extra work, a rec property and community building.

I’ve been making a lot of lists lately, and am finding it’s helping to keep me on track, or at least reminding me of what needs to be done.

The one thing I forgot to put on the list and therefore didn’t get to? Making a base for cherry ice cream for dinner tonight.  Not exactly an emergency but fortunately I remembered this morning and got it done before running out the door to work.

Today’s list looks like:

  • Write email about cabin info to land-partners
  • Convert 50 web pages to new template
  • Union follow-up on pending investigation
  • Thank-you cards for work team
  • Update completion numbers on Excel spreadsheet
  • Blog
  • Unpin lace scarf from blocking
  • Work on crochet swatch
  • Respond to BBQ invitation
  • Follow up with friend re: drinks on Thursday
  • Make ice cream
  • Water back garden
  • Put away finished laundry

……. and I’m definitely getting through it!

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