Renewing spring.


For those of you who don’t live in Vancouver – know this – we’ve been having incredible (and unusual) weather for the past couple of weeks. Which somewhat explains my absence from here – that and the fact that work has been kicking my ass lately because I’m working on a big project. So big I even get overtime (which never happens).

The better weather has allowed me to double my walking to work, and I have started walking home from work some days as well. Between that and a few other  gym workouts each week (pilates, body sculpt) all my aches and twinges have gone away. No more lower back pain especially.

And I am now 38 days wheat-free which has given me plenty of time to assess how that’s working – my sinus pain is so reduced that for the first time in two years I have stopped taking advil every day, I no longer have acrid mucus that burns my sinus passages, my hunger baseline is lower and my blood sugar feels more stable. I haven’t lost gobs of weight or anything, but between the cutting wheat and the increased exercise I feel a lot less puffy, and more streamlined.

So that’s pretty awesome. I’ve lost almost five pounds over the past five weeks, so I suppose that’s not a bad rate either. It’s just nothing mind-blowing.

Otherwise I have been gardening like a fiend and I think I am mostly underway for summer veggie gardening – not to mention getting prepped to do more work in the front of our house.

I’ve started a new crochet project also for the first time in ages – a pullover sweater that may not be needed until Fall but oh well, I had this beautiful bamboo-wool that I really wanted to work with:

I have also started an attempt at fitted summer capri pants which I hope to sew up over the next couple of nights. Since I’ve been walking *a lot* (sometimes as much as 12 km a day) I need more pants so it’s not skirts with leggings all summer long.

So yeah, life is basically rolling along – I’m pretty happy these days and working on lots of domestic things plus getting in shape! That’s where I want to be in spring – renewing!

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