A little note about photographic evidence.

I just wanted to post a quick note about Friday’s blog article – on the question of whether a photograph exists of my great-great-Uncle’s plane in flight. While the original photograph does not exist, John Brown believes he has found evidence of the photograph existing as part of an exhibition which you can read about here. There has long been a rumour that a photograph once did exist that showed the plane in the air (according the news reports and eyewitness accounts) – and according to some analysis of an exhibition photo – it looks as though that was the case. Unfortunately it requires blowing a photograph of a photograph up to such a degree that all you can really see are blurry shapes that might correspond to an object in flight.

Personally, I don’t think the photograph is what matters because history isn’t based on what we have a visual record for and there is plenty of other evidence that I think is way more compelling. But John Brown does make a good case for the existence of the photograph and has some analysis about the way lithographs were used instead of photos in newspapers of the day. Worth a read, for sure.

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