Design notebook: A swimwear poll.

So. After some thinking and conversing on Facebook yesterday, I think I am going to attempt my own swimwear this year. But not just any swimwear! Specifically I am after an old-school swimdress with a separate (or possibly attached) bathing suit bottom. I have chosen this pattern:

Butterick 5795

It has been pointed out that there are very cheap swimsuits available at Costco and at the new dollar store near Ugo and Joe’s, and also at Joe Fresh – which is great (and I will probably purchase a cheap suit at some point in the near future for using in the hot tub on those rare occasions where I wear a suit at all) – but really, I want something in which I feel comfortable hanging out in and that isn’t uber-constricting. I really hate the tightness of bathing suits, not to mention the elastic that cuts into the inner thigh. The answer is obviously the old-school bathing dress with swim trunks.

So. I’ve agreed with myself that after I finish writing my term paper, I get to go to FabricLand and buy the above pattern and then order some fabric to go with it. I intend to make the side panels black, with a printed-pattern on black in the center panel.

Thus far I have found several potential bathing suit fabrics – and now I’m looking for help! If you don’t mind helping me make up my mind here, please scroll down and look at all five choices and then vote for your choice. If you vote other, please leave a link to the other fabric possibility in the comments. Thanks!

2 Comments on “Design notebook: A swimwear poll.

  1. i voted cherries for number 1 (in the poll) and here; i vote for seashells number 2 and lotus flowers number 3. because hey, you might end up making more some day 😉

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