Island-bound, with gift!


Things have been busy lately. Work busy, school busy, and home busy – which hasn’t left a lot of time for posting here. I have, however, been making things steadily for the last few weeks. I finished a sweater last night (10 days from start to finish – not bad), and I have three small crochet pieces blocking at the moment. I have big plans to photograph it all on Monday so I can share those items through next week.

imageThis weekend is my niece’s 1st birthday, and for that occasion I have made this 8×8 hexagon pillow for her little-kid rocking chair. This is the first hand-stitched piece I have done – I have become addicted to hexagons which can only be hand-stitched so I see more in my future. (I am now working on a large-scale quilt with hexagon appliques for our queen-bed).  Although I will admit that I am not the tidiest of sewists,  I note that as with all things handmade, the finished product doesn’t suffer for it. Either your stitches are perfect and everyone oohs and ahhs over your technical precision, or they aren’t and the piece has a whole different level of heart that shines through. Win either way.

Plus, one-year-olds don’t care about perfection.

We’re heading to the island tomorrow for a weekend of birthday reveling – my niece’s birthday party is Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening my parents are taking me for dinner for my 40th which is in two weeks (!) One very exciting thing about the weekend is that we will be getting the first of our meat-birds from my brother and his wife who are now raising chickens for food (as well as eggs which we’ve been getting from them for the last couple of years). After watching Food Inc. last week I am doubly-committed to doing anything I can to stay out of the industrial food system.

So it’s off for the weekend, next weekend is the cabaret at our home plus friends visiting for a little pre-birthday love, and the weekend after that? My birthday! A little spell of lovely things, coming right up!

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