Finished Saturn Sweater!

This really has just become a project blog lately – my brain is full, and there is lots going on. We looked at some very promising land this weekend – for example – and are looking for purchase partners in earnest. I get my biopsy results on Wednesday. I have a presentation due tomorrow night for class. It’s a lot, and on top of that I’ve been fighting some mysterious not-quite-cold. So for now…. PICTURES OF MY FINISHED SWEATER!

Sorry for shouting, but I am so incredibly pleased with myself and this sweater which fits perfectly. I plan to wear it for the first time tomorrow. So exciting! (And soft too, I made it out of a silk/wool blend yarn.)

Project notes can be found on my Ravelry page for this project here. Please feel free to friend me as well! I need more friends on Ravelry.


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