Design Notebook: Juliana Wrap

I’m still working diligently on the Saturn Sweater I started two weeks ago, and am pretty pleased to say that I’ve got the body and three-quarters of each sleeve done. I’m hopeful that even with my weekend visitor I will be able to finish the sleeves and get the button-bands completed so I can block the sweater by early next week and complete the colour-work next weekend. I’m pretty pleased with this project so far as it has been easy to follow the (corrected) instructions, and as it is made in one piece, I don’t have a lot of stitching up to do in order to finish. Also, I’m really digging the fact that I will have such a fine-fit on a cardigan since I’ve been altering it as I go.

As I am getting towards a conscious end-point, I’ve been thinking about what next – and one thing I really want in my wardrobe is a shawlette for wrapping around the neck or shoulders. Of course, I’ve still got Christmas presents to work on, but it’s nice to also have something on the go for me!

So I swung by Baaad Anna’s yesterday with an idea to pick up some yarn to make a Juliana Wrap (many pictures of the Juliana Wrap online via Google Image search), and ended up a little above my budget with two skeins of Sweet George Tough Love Sock in Rogue and Grape Jelly colourways:


But you can see why, right? Because they are so totally awesome and the skeins I picked out (those pictures are from the website) are a lot more complementary in real-life/dye-lot. Plus, I never make things in purple and the other day a co-worker wore a purple scarf that she knit and it inspired me around that particular colour. So! When I get that sweater blocked I’m going to knock off another washcloth or three in Dishie, and then it’s to the Juliana Wrap I will turn. I’m quite excited about these colours and if I can figure out the pattern I’m sure it will turn out just as nice as the other hundred or so that I’ve seen online.

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