Returning to crazy.

I wish I had pictures of the projects I’ve been working on during my holiday – finishing a set of crochet placemats (8) for my mom, and starting my first ever sweater (of which I’ve completed the body and am just about to start on the arms) – because crochet is a lot more fun than all the crazy I’ve returned to.

Not only is tomorrow another big-horrible-announcement day at work (layoffs, program reconfiguring), but I’ve just now discovered that I’m scheduled for a *third* biopsy on my thyroid in the afternoon. (The biopsy wasn’t news, but I didn’t know the date until this morning). So that’s loads of fun in one day – morning with bosses and unhappy workers, afternoon with radiology (and big needles).

Remind me again why holidays can’t be *all* the time?




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