Babies and dogs

Visits to my folks on the island always involve lots of dogs – ours, theirs and my sister-in-law’s – four in total (and they are all pictured in this photo). And because I have a niece and nephew now – babies are frequently part of the picture too.

Truth be told – I’m not a huge fan of either dogs or babies – but I am totally besotted with my niece Grace at the moment, and you really can’t control where the dogs go… hence a rare picture of me with dogs and *holding* a baby. Yikes!

But really, with this sweetness, how could I stop myself?

In any event, this will be the last photo you ever see of me holding a baby – Grace is quickly moving into toddlerhood and my brother and sister-in-law don’t plan to have any more – and I don’t really hold babies I’m not related to.

This pretty much sums up Thanksgiving weekend though – sunny days spent with family hanging out on Mountain Rd. Plus! My nephew turned three:

And that, was the long weekend (plus some gardening, brunch with friends, crochet and sewing). Four days of work and then we head to Singing Lands for a week of camping, hunting (for Brian), hiking and writing (for me).

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