Wednesday bits and pieces

The geeky part of me that enjoys certain minimalist composers is somewhat giddy this afternoon at the release of a first track from a new Philip Glass remix album – Rework – set for release in October. In honour of his 75th birthday, the compilation includes the likes of Beck and Amon Tobin in what promises to be a new take on some of the Glass classics.

Technology is totally not my friend today. I am now on my third Internet browser, my credentials are being rejected on the ftp server at work, and I still don’t have my cel phone back from the repairs department of Bell despite them telling me yesterday it was fixed. It was not.

There are three events coming up at the Urban Crow Bungalow. If you live in Vancouver and are interested in any of the following, please let me know by email or via the contact page on this blog.

  1. September 21st – at the behest of some friends we are hosting a singles party. People invited are cool and we are striving for gender balance. So far ages range from 30-45, and it’s pretty much straight folks. RSVP required.
  2. Sometime soon – I’m organizing a Sunday-afternoon stitch and bitch – possibly to become a bi-weekly or monthly thing leading up to Christmas.
  3. November 8th – The next in our salon series featuring Bruce Alexander speaking on “Addiction as Window into the Political Insanity of the 21st Century”. As per the last two this will be a dinner and discussion event, and we collect a donation to cover the cost of food and a speaker honorarium. RSVP required.

(It occurs to me that I am not able to do almost a single thing without organizing other people to do it too. )

And also – I am quite excited about going sailing with the ladies from my writing group on Saturday after headlining the night before at the Accordion Dance Party as part of the Accordion Noir Festival. So many fun things!

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