Yay me! Yay people!

I am (right now):

  • finally at a place where I honestly make choices about how to spend my time rather than living in the land of what I “should” do;
  • proud to have ended institutional and personal relationships that were self-esteem destroying and instead invested the last year in my family, friends, community, education and personal projects;
  • learning to stop responding out of guilt;
  • reminding myself that over-booking is okay only so long as its with things I *want* to do rather than *have* to do;
  • excited that new ventures have brought new friendships;
  • blessed by the array of opportunities before me right now;
  • striving for a balance between working with my head, hands and heart;
  • lucky to have a life filled with people who are gifted, funny, interesting, smart, outrageous, dedicated, and all-around awesome (including my partner and my step-kid).
  • grateful!

Bring on the autumn people! It’s shaping up to be a good one!

3 Comments on “Yay me! Yay people!

  1. That makes me extra-glad I posted it. Somehow I got all excited about life today – just while sitting at my cubicle. Weird, huh?

  2. i am so glad you shared it because it gave me a little boost. to remember how amazing life is. and to grateful. i am so happy for all the things i am doing in life nowadays…

    and i love knowing how well you are taking care and making your life more full with fulfilling things and people every day. i am inspired by you. endlessly.

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