Last project of summer

It’s been on the list of projects since June – but I finally got it done today! That is, my project to turn an old (busted) arbor into a woodshed to keep our firewood dry-ish without having to store it on our back porch.

Very simple construction included a piece of plywood on bricks for the floor and a roof constructed out of a piece of chipboard with shakes nailed atop in haphazard fashion to make a decent looking roof (we can see the top of it when we are on the porch). Braced the whole thing to the fence for added stability, though it’s in a pretty sheltered spot and I’m not much worried about it getting a lot of wind.

Must say, I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Cost – $25 (plus the old arbor). Labour – about three hours (including getting materials).

And now the garden clean-up begins.

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