Blocking: Needlework and crochet

I managed to set two of my pieces up for blocking today – an odd-shaped afghan and a piece of needlework/tapestry that I started about seven years ago. (Blocking is the act  shaping your work once it’s been washed and is part of “finishing”). In the case of my tapestry piece, years of working on this canvas and transporting it around left it a bit skewed – so blocking was really essential to getting it back into shape. With the afghan, I’m not sure it’s so important because it’s just a lap-quilt anyhow, and it turned out to be a bit of a hot mess of pattern problems (which I won’t go into here).

An odd-shaped afghan for use as a lap-quilt – love the colours and would love to attempt the pattern again now that I know what went wrong. But – a blanket is a blanket and this one is beautifully warm…. Wool – worsted weight.
I started this tapestry needlework when I was commuting between Gibsons and Vancouver on the ferry every day – about seven years ago. It’s periodically been pulled out and worked on until this spring when I decided to just get it done. Will be turned into a pillow once it’s properly squared through blocking. Wool on large-gauge canvas.

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