Featuring: Atwater Ceramics

A little while back, our household received a remarkable gift in the mail which I have been meaning to share with you:

Incredible yes? And we think so too, which is why I wanted to let you all know about my friend Olia’s Etsy shop Atwater Ceramics.

I am the first to acknowledge that I don’t know much about the world of ceramic arts, but what I do know is urban and post-apocalyptic aesthetics which these pieces balance with beautiful finishing and unusual colour. My favourite recurring pattern in her autumn collection (which is where my bowl originated) is perhaps seen best in this photo of one of her platters:

This edge detail reminiscent of a city skyline, though cut and blurred, organic skyscrapers melting back into the base from which they appear to grow. Her work from this recent spring brings back this distinctive imagery:

But also adds other themes, colours and styles to the mix:

Olia is a new ceramic artist, but her work speaks of her much longer practice with creative work – specifically textile work. The fact that Olia brings a lot of attention to whatever she engages in shines through with the quality of her ceramics – these are solid pieces with strong glazing and good finishing throughout. All manner of her work – bowls, platters, planters, mugs, vases – make for distinctive gifts… And on top of that? Her prices are very reasonable, and her packaging for shipping is nearly indestructible.

Can I encourage you again to take a look at her work? It’s Atwater Ceramics on Etsy and I hope you find this as much of a pleasure to look at as I do!

2 Comments on “Featuring: Atwater Ceramics

  1. Hey Meghan,
    Your beautiful home deserves beautiful art like this!

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