A charming little house isn’t it?

I’ve been wanting to do a big-ole house brag all week, but because of the weather it hasn’t been optimal for photographing. Here is a photo from last weekend’s painting job – which is getting itsfinishing touches today. We’re quite pleased with these colours even though the “summer sage” turned out to be a bit mint-ier than expected. It’s a far cry from the fading, peeling blue it was two weeks ago!

This weekend promises some union education, gardening, textile work, and some lady time which I am looking forward to. What I am not looking forward to is the fact that Brian is away taking a hunting skills workshop this weekend and there will be no one to bring me coffee in bed (or to read to at night!) I’m a tad co-dependent these days…. which shocks me after so many years of living alone. I thought I would be all over having three days to myself! (Though I’m sure I’ll make fabulous use of the time – in particular, I look forward to working on my stencil-cutting skills!)

I’ve been on the meh side of things this week. Exhausted mostly and feeling a bit overwrung in between job cuts announced in my department and the amount of work we’ve put into the house recently. I’m hoping this weekend alone will prove restorative as I focus towards the positive: creation, friends, and taking care of myself a little bit. It’s time for a deep breath and to let it all go – knowing that all difficult things shall move through and out in no time.

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