What life is all about…….

Things have gotten busy around the Urban Crow in the past two weeks and I’ve just decided to throw up my hands and go along with it rather than fretting too much. Birthday, tenant-move that went sideways (for us), yard sale coming up, freelance work due today, and because we got a good deal on a painting quote (early in the season doncha know) – we’re also going ahead with that. Not to mention gardening, and hosting a BBQ this weekend.

Totally not what I thought Brian’s 40th birthday would look like as we are full tilt dealing with everything at once since returning from our little holiday with friends on Mesachie Lake over the weekend (that was my gift to him). Between fixing the suite (Brian’s job) and getting everything ready to yard sale (my job) – we’ve got all our free time booked! On a more positive note however – by the end of this month we’ll have a completely refreshed suite, a newly-painted home, a ton of junk moved out of our house, and a garden that is summer-worthy.

Sadly, I am all out of writing energy this late in the day, so I will leave you with a few photographs of the last few days of activity:

On Wednesday and Thursday we got all the plants in that were waiting for the end of the fence construction. We’ve got more to do, but we think this is enough work for this spring!

On Friday, we travelled over to Mesachie Lake (right beside Cowichan Lake) and hung out with some friends from the island for the weekend. You can see from this picture that it was an amazing location and we had a fabulous time:

On Saturday, I baked Brian’s birthday cake – twice – because the first one fell and turned out to be undercooked anyway. This is the successful version and the first Angel Food cake I have ever made from scratch (lemon angel food cake with lemon cream – totally fabulous in the end):

And last night, Mica came home from school early and spent two hours making fajitas with all the fixings for Brian’s actual birthday dinner. Seriously impressed and thinking she should do that more often:

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