Now *you* can hire *me*!

I’ve got admit – lately I have felt more than a little dissatisfaction with my professional life. Not that I dislike what I do – writing and web management are my natural and chosen field – but after thirteen years I wouldn’t mind a little more variety.

When I dropped my workweek down to four days last fall, one thought was that the extra time would make taking on freelance work an option again. It’s been about ten years since I’ve taken on any writing or editing work, and in that time I’ve developed a whole new set of professional skills around social media planning and management – which I would love the opportunity to use outside of my regular work environment (it’s a tad bureaucratic at times). So! Instead of working five days a week at my (kinda boring) job, four days a week there and one day a week on my own seems like a good balance between stability and work-diversity.

Last week I dropped a line on Facebook to let people know I was hanging out my shingle – and pretty much immediately, a good friend contacted me with some work. It’s writing work I’ve never done before – but that’s the point! I’m flexing my wordly muscles! Clearly, I’m a little high on this first contract 🙂

You can check out my rate sheet above at the Slippery Fish link and learn more about the writing, editing and social media services I offer (included blog coaching). If you don’t see a communications service posted that you are interested in, please ask me! (I also have a portfolio available on request.)

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