Return to desk, bask in weekend glow.

This past weekend was fairly amazing for many reasons: FFA reunion show, lots of time in the garden, sunny weather, frontyard fence got finished, sausage seminar, a fabulous dinner last night — the list goes on and on. But the upshot? I’m physically exhausted this morning. Not sleepy, but I can feel the last several days of activity in all of me right now.

So instead of mustering up my writing energy I am simply going to post a couple yard photos. The backyard, which I got all cleaned up yesterday, with bean poles installed (and beans planted), lawn mowed and edged with the weedwhacker, mulched areas weeded, patio swept:

And the new front yard fence which was just completed yesterday evening:

I also did a bunch of work in the front yard yesterday, but until I finish the planting and mulching I don’t really want to share. Between the front and back, I worked for five or six hours and am feeling it in my arms and butt today. I may not have got to the gym, but definitely had a workout everyday this weekend.

As reference points, our backyard looked like this the first year we lived in the house – which was already a big improvement over what it looked like when we bought it. And our frontyard? A tad boring, wouldn’t you say?

2 Comments on “Return to desk, bask in weekend glow.

  1. these are cedar chips in your backyard, yes? did you get them in bulk? i’m hoping for those huge “bails” since we don’t have a truck and a million little bags is just silly on many levels. leads?

  2. We also don’t have a truck and we buy them by the bag at Gardenworks. Fill-your-own bags ends up being $20 for five bags. When we have done this in the past and ordered several yards (like in the backyard) we opted for delivery. $75 is the standard delivery fee on top of your mulch price which is about $30 per yard of mulch. It’s definitely times like this I wish I had a truck or trailer!

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