So close to done.

I am so close to being finished with the semester. One book away from finishing the reading list (all 29 readings!), 10 pages away from finishing a 15-page paper, one class away from the end! That’s pretty incredible, really – one year of grad school down – but I’m also feeling a bit sad about it because it means the end of my cohort year.

My program is structured so that for the first two semesters, we all attend the same foundation classes as a cohort. Not only that, but the program has built in dinner before class, so we spend that time together each week too (plus drinks after!) It’s a bit unusual in grad studies, but it creates an intensive dynamic, and over the last eight months I have gotten to know a few people really well. While I’m sure that at least a couple of them will remain friends, I also know the cycles of such things: once the group activity ends the group participants scatter. As it should be, but still – who wants to give up the bond we make even with those who grate on us a little?

I’ve got a stack of books for recreational reading (as evidenced by Monday’s post), and I’ve got a stack of books for reviewing, plus I want to start a more regular posting schedule on a few themes – reading, listening, eating, gardening, and love – because these are the explorations most important to me and I want to delve deeper into my writing and reflections thereupon. We’ll see if I can stick to such thematic writing for long – but with grad school out of the way for the summer I’m going to dedicate my Monday’s off to home and writing projects.

Anyhow, that’s all of me at the moment. I’ve got a paper to write and I can’t divert much of my attention to writing even the blog without feeling guilty at the moment. As if all my writing need be channeled into the one thing which needs to get done.

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