Getting out


I just lost a post due to computer virus… so instead i give you the list it was based on. Make of this what you will.

4 Comments on “Getting out

  1. with all sincerely due respect – i think this list is a red herring.

    you don’t have to hate where you are to go somewhere else. go toward the positive, not away from the negative. you could be happy anywhere. but i suspect the coin has already been tossed and your decision is made. you know what you want to do. do it.

  2. Carmen – of course you are right we don’t have to hate where we are to go somewhere else – but the post that was deleted by the virus (which I’m still trying to fix) was more about my circular fears that keep me rooted, and this list was one feeble attempt to logic myself into doing what I really want to instead of responding so strongly to those fears.

    We’re not ready to leave yet, it will be five years until my daughter is done school and on her way….. but Brian and I have agreed that it is what we are working towards. Hopefully I can reconstruct the post on my fears more fully which have little to do with the list above.

    And btw – I find your travels in the world – spiritual and physical a real source of inspiration.

  3. “Good stuff disappearing”… yes, I’ve been pondering that a lot lately, what with the closing of the Vancouver Playhouse, and now I hear that the Ridge Theatre will be closing in a year or so. I weigh the increasing deadness of Vancouver’s soul against the happiness that my friends and family bring to me, and I never know what I want at the end of these thoughts. Good luck with your decision-making process!

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