Another productive Monday

To my door for vertical planting, I have added two windows, fished out from behind our garden bench where I stashed them ages ago after they were removed from our house. Purpose? A new pea trellis! And possibly a cucumber trellis after peas are done. I topped up the bed today also with compost and mushroom manure since this bed is a tad shady in the spring and I want to give those peas all the help they can get.

One nice thing about the neighbour’s ugly fence is that I no longer worry about doing things which are aesthetically unpleasing to him.

Also today, I built a little plot for Fava Beans out of some cheap edging from Re-Store:

I totally forgot about the awesomeness of Re-store until today when I went in and got 2 large terracotta garden planters, 2 5-foot long pieces of bamboo edging, 5 burlap coffee bags and some tile for $30. Plus, it’s all stuff that’s saved from going into landfills, and it supports a good cause!

Right now, in these last days of February, the yard looks like this:

…which is somewhat better than it looked two weeks ago, but I still have a *long* way to go before it’s in any sense done for the summer. 3 more boxes to top up, plus some support for the other beds, planters to plant, seeds to go in, vertical gardening projects to be finished, etc. etc. etc. And the front yard! Well, I think I will hire a friend’s company to build a bit more structure into which will help out a lot – but still, it needs a lot of labour on our end to finish what we started last year.

Besides all that hard work – made even harder by the fact the ground was frozen today – I managed to pickle eleven jars of red cabbage, and made my way to a demo in support of teachers. Tonight it’s burgers and D&D with friends – and I am again grateful for this decision to go down to 4 days a week at work. My Mondays are so productive!

One Comment on “Another productive Monday

  1. Looks a lot better than up here in Ottawa,
    still a foot of snow on the ground.
    Another 2 months before gardening.

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