Enbridge wants to destroy our province and our planet.

I haven’t written about it here yet, but there is lots of anxiety around my work right now. You know, big layoffs coming but no one knows what that’s going to look like and in the meantime I am the union rep helping people currently going through job loss. It’s crazy-stressful and until this process started, I had no idea how emotionally overwhelming job-loss on a large scale could be. Naive right?

But I keep thinking that if I did lose my job, then I would be a lot freer to speak out on things like the above video clip which is an brief and impactful doc on the stakes at hand in the Enbridge Pipeline debate. I would encourage you to watch it, and then write a letter to your government representative.

I doubt this issue is going to stop with letter-writing, so for those of us in the province, our presence is needed on demonstrations and eventually up North where the pipeline is slated to go in. How much do we care? There’s only one way to find out.

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