Summer pants in February.

Even though it’s a bit goofy, I really love this photo and I’ve been waiting to show it to you since I finished these summer pants on the weekend. Because I am contributing to the Sew Weekly site, I have to wait until my post is published there before I can publish it here (as per the agreement set out at the beginning of the year). Now that my post is published there, I am free to share it here. For more info on these pants, head over to the Sew Weekly and read my blog post on them.

I’ve got a bunch of projects in my head for spring and summer so I’m hoping to find some time for sewing in the next little while – but with school it might be tight. Keep your eye out here for my “Red” themed skirt coming for Valentines. Oh, and I also am thinking a Klimt-inspired skirt, and I’ve just got some fabulous Liberty of London fabric that looks like books on a shelf!

It’s occurring to me now that although my closets are full – other than tights, underwear and shoes – I have not bought myself a single new piece of clothing since early in the summer. That’s not bad! New clothes at half (or less) and custom-fit.

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