Design Notebook: Not my favourite dress…..

This dress is supposed to be a copy of this dress but it didn’t turn out nearly as cute as I hoped it would. I mean, it’s wearable – especially with a cardigan to cover up the overly-large sleeves – but I’m not nearly as thrilled with it as I hoped I would be.

Now the summer pants I finished today? That’s another story, but I can’t share that photo just quite yet because I have to wait until they appear on the sewing blog I contribute to first.

In any case, this dress is made of wool crepe, which is a bit itchy without a lining (which I failed to make) or a full-length slip (lucky me, I own one). It’s not the last of the cooler weather clothing that I’ve got planned, but we’re getting close as the shops are now stocking up on spring and summer-weight fabrics. Total cost for this was $30 – which is about $110 cheaper than the one on the website I linked to up above. So, you know, I’ll take the savings and just wear a cardigan to cover up the less-than-flattering bits.

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