Design Notebook: A red dress

See this dress? This is a lovely ModCloth number which has inspired me to make my own version for an upcoming sewing challenge. I just bought three metres of wool crepe at DressSew and an absolutely perfect button at Button Button. I also bought a little bit of red satin for the facing and the sleeve binding.

Now I just have to modify the pattern from this week’s dress to make less of a v-neck and I’m good to go. (I am not going for the gathers on the bustline – busty girls don’t need extra fabric bunching around that part of the body).

I am just finishing a jacket at the moment (well half-way done, not quite at finishing) as part of a “button” challenge. That should be done by Sunday, latest. Then I get to cut into the red wool crepe. I plan to have this new dress in time for Chinese New Year and my birthday. Fingers crossed that it works out – I don’t have a decent red dress in my wardrobe (and you know what they say about women who wear red dresses!).

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