The festive branch

Despite the sickness and the harriedness of this last week, we managed to get our house decorated for Christmas (plus, I got the second curtain hemmed properly while on one of my sick days, so our living room is technically “done”). We don’t do a Christmas tree because 1) it’s horrifically wasteful, 2) trees are messy, and 3) we don’t have any room in our tiny house to put one up. Instead, I have instituted the tradition of the “festive branch” which entails branches in a vase which get decorated with only the prettiest, most delicate glass ornaments. Twiggy branches just don’t hold up anything heavier than blown glass, so I’ve been collecting nicer ornaments for just this purpose in the last few years. (Before I met Brian who came with a kid, I had never decorated my home for Christmas – but now it’s something I enjoy doing as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.)

I made several other decorations this year which I will feature here as well, but for now you get a picture of this year’s festive branch(es). Below is a photo of my favourite ornament which I bought the first year Brian and I were dating at the Bay for less than $5. I still think she’s the best, and I’d love to find more like her:

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