A little updating.

I have been home sick since about Sunday, give or take a couple small errands, and so I am updating my blog from bed this morning. Finishing off my coffee before I shuffle into the bath and then get on with whatever household chores I can do before I get tired again. Colds! Such a small illness, such a large effect on overall energy. But I am on the mend, so I expect to be back to work tomorrow (I actually thought I would be back today, but I’m still too exhausted and snuffly). So far this week I’ve missed three meetings (2 union, 1 work), a union xmas party and today’s work luncheon for Christmas. But whatev. I used to push myself into everything despite illness, but last autumn I had a major health problem brought on by doing that and it took months to fight. (Lung infection which I had for two months while traveling the province on bargaining business – probably one of the most miserable periods of my life).

In any case, I did manage to finish a small sewing project yesterday:

A perfectly-fitting tank top which I started on the weekend. Really, it was a short project, but it took me feeling a bit better to finish it. I wasn’t sure how this fabric would work as a top, but it looks great on and I do so love this wall-papery design…. hopefully I can put it to use under a cardigan until the weather gets warmer.

Tonight we are decorating for Christmas which means that I have some cutting out and finishing of handmade ornaments to do today. Perfect since I don’t want to move too much. Plus we put together a gingerbread house structure last night so it will be ready to decorate tonight as well. This year, as always, I am so glad that we don’t do a Christmas tree. It seems like enough work to get lights and decorations happening without also lugging five-seven feet of greenery into the house as well.

So I’m off to bath and shuffle and drink tea while I work my way slowly through the house and its many little chores – with naps in between of course, and possibly some more reading for my January classes. I finished Antony and Cleopatra yesterday and have begun Edmund Burke’s A Philosophical Enquiry – good times.

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