What an absurd choice!

Launched today – a new campaign to ask Canadians to reflect on the absurdity of the choices the Harper government is presenting to you:

  • Would you rather have clean water or pay down the deficit?
  • Would you rather have Employment Insurance or have a healthy economy?
  • Would you rather have environmental protection or healthcare?
  • Would you rather have supportive services for all Canadians or support for just those in the 1%?

These are the false choices presented to us by a government out of touch with the real needs of working Canadians. Please visit our website at thirdchoice.ca and help spread the message that there is a third choice – one that balances the provision of public services with fiscal responsibility. In the lead-up to the federal budget in spring 2012, we need to make sure the government hears from all of us loud and clear – we want the services that we pay for, and we want them provided by the public sector.

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