Life Tidbits: School and home.

All my recent writing energy has gone into my final term paper and my presentation for tonight’s class – leaving me spent when it comes to blogging here. Sadly, I ended up writing two term papers – one which was discarded after several hours of attempting to rework it, and one which I banged out at the last minute because I wasn’t happy with the original (totally different topic too). That is the first time in my life I have ever discarded a nearly-finished paper! But I’m sure it was the right thing to do, as I was able to start fresh with a much more coherent thesis (basically stated as: The rise of reason in the last several hundred years has impacted the human relationship to nature, the body and the self.) In any case, I’m feeling intellectually spent and am sure glad that it’s the last class of term next Wednesday!

Brian is going away this weekend to visit a cousin, and I am staying behind in Vancouver to catch up on things – which means 3 whole days on my own to party! Or, really, to prep the living room and hallway for painting. Plus do some sewing. And maybe even clean out the fridge. Living it up alright!

On Monday I went and picked out the paint colours for our new living room – and I am pretty excited about them. York Harbor Yellow for the main walls, Caliente for the small hallway off the living room and Mistletoe for the kitchen (which will be painted in the new year). Our house gets almost zero sunlight in these areas, and yet for some reason the previous owners painted them all mid to dark shades which makes them really dim in the winter especially (photo here). I’m quite excited about spicing up our living room with a brighter colour, one that co-ordinates with the furniture we already own. After the painting, we’ll be putting up new curtains, cleaning our sofas, and rearranging some furniture which should give us a fresh living space for the new year. Lots of work in the next couple of weeks but I am eager to get started on it with my free weekend (Brian originally offered to do it all, but now I want to get started without him).

I’m also going to pick out some sheers for the window treatments and trim them in some co-ordinating colour – finally getting rid of the Ikea drapes we bought upon moving in almost three years ago. This is the living room we’ve wanted from the beginning – but in the flurry of moving we didn’t have the time or money to paint. Now that we’re a bit organized in other aspects of our life together this seems like as good a time as any for some minor redecorating.

I feel like such a recluse these days – give me a weekend and I just go domestic – but I’m truly in my place of contentment there. Which I suppose is what making a home with other people is about… creating that space of rest and peace. Given what goes on in the world, I am so grateful to have this small oasis to call my own.


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