The Hell Yes! Skirt

Here’s the latest from my sewing room over the weekend – a very simple skirt, with lining and 2-inch elastic at the waist – self-drafted. Brian picked the fabric out a couple of weeks ago and suggested that this would make a great skirt – so I paired it with some thrifted grey lining and voila! $6 and I’ve got something that a co-worker mistook for a Missoni piece yesterday (the Target line, not the stuff made from $300 a yard fabric). I’m particularly pleased that I got the pattern to match all the way around so there is no weird disruption to the pattern anywhere. I was skeptical at first, but having worn the skirt twice now (two days in a row) I’m convinced of its awesomeness.

Sadly, I am woefully behind on schoolwork this week, so the next couple of days I have to catch up with my academic posts. Hopefully I have time to finish a shirt I am working on – the exciting thing about that project? My first foray into french seams (and they are really easy and now I want to finish all my clothes with them). After that I’ve got pants waiting to be cut – and then its time to get to work on some kind of wool coat. It’s just that kindof weather.

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