New York City – Days Two & Three

I’m going to laundry-list here because I haven’t had any blogging time in the last two action-packed days, but it seems like I should keep some record of this New York trip so that I can remember stuff later to write more about. I have some definite thoughts about Occupy Wall Street which I will save for another post.

I have just posted a fresh (brief) set of photos to Flickr of the last two days, but they don’t tell the story very well so here is what we have been doing:

Day Two – Brian’s brother came along with us for the day and together we took the subway downtown to:

  • Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we took particular notice of the Greek antiquities and an African sculpture exhibition before taking a couple of tours. Mica and I went on the Fashion in Art tour and Brian went on a tour of the Lehman brothers collection which the rest of us checked out afterwards. I think the next time I come to this city I will just plant to visit the Met every day for two hours in order to see everything properly – I really don’t do the rushed museum tour.
  • From there we went to Union Square where Mica shopped for clothes (two cute dresses and a winter jacket).
  • Poked around the 18 miles of books at Strand books.
  • Then we went for dinner in the East Village at a French restaurant which was pretty good and had a lovely atmosphere.

Day Three – My friend Aaron happened to be working in town at the same time we were out here so we made plans to hang out for the day which we started at:

  • Bryant Park – a beautiful urban spot with free wi-fi, a children’s reading room/lending library, a carousel and lots of seating (not to mention a public washroom with an attendant). This is what an urban park should look like – functional and welcoming.
  • We walked over to Grand Central Station for the picture-value and then,
  • Hopped on a subway down to Wall Street where we took photos of Occupy Wall Street and briefly chatted with a few folks. Sadly, I’m not inspired and have come to believe this is more of a Facebook phenomenon than anything – more on that in a follow-up post.
  • From there we went back uptown to stand in line at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Friends told us this was worth it – and they weren’t kidding. The line was an hour long, but that was definitely the best shake I have ever had in my life (made from frozen custard – heavenly) and the burger was in the top five for sure.
  • After recovering from our food coma we went over to Greenwich Village and strolled around for a bit, but it was so packed that Aaron suggested we go up to an area that Mica might want to shop and we
  • Took the subway to Herald Street (where Macy’s and other big shops are). Aaron and I drank coffee and caught up while Brian took Mica shopping.
  • From there we took the train over to the Lower East Side in time for dinner and found a bistro where we could sit on the sidewalk and have drinks as the day turned into night.

Today is Thanksgiving and we are staying in Queens and making dinner with Brian’s brother and sister-in-law and some other folks who are joining us to eat later. A very nice break from the twelve-hour-days of running around we’ve been doing. Tomorrow is our last day here and I’m sure that will be another marathon of things we must do.

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  1. Really curious about reading your first-hand opinions of Occupy Wall Street…

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