New Basics.

Here is the latest of my sewing endeavours – a first experiment with knit fabrics in the form of a charcoal rib-knit that I got at DressSew for $6 per metre. Unfortunately I have a tendency to make things too large – it has something to do with where my measurements sit in the middle of two pattern sizes – I always choose the larger when I should probably choose the smaller. But I really hate the idea of things being too small -so instead they come out too big. On the other hand, a slouchy tunic is a nice thing to have in a wardrobe so I’m not complaining too much about this one. My favourite detail about the whole thing? I got to use some ceramic star buttons that Brian bought me last year at a community craft sale.

In any event – this is my newest self-made wardrobe addition and I’m happy to have finally broken through my fear of knit fabrics!

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