Show-off. More crochet.

I’m baking zucchini cake and chocolate-zucchini loaf at the moment in a desperate attempt to use up some of the plentiful summer squash that has come out of our back garden. (Tomorrow I’m going to have to find a use for my giant cabbage that is over-due for picking). While waiting for the baking to come out of the oven I had time to post this latest crochet project – a hat and scarf set for fall!

This is my first crocheted hat, and the scarf was an addition because I had a lot of the green yarn leftover. Merino wool and silk blend – it’s really soft and the hat adheres very well.I wasn’t sure if this was a look I could pull off but really, it’s turned out very cute and I can hardly wait to don it with a pair of jeans and my black fall jacket.



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