Next project…..

On my way to meet friends for post-work drinks yesterday – after picking up my new student transit pass (!) – I happened through DressSew and found this lovely jacquard for only $7 per metre. The photo does not do this piece justice as it is very subtly shaded and stamped with light floral outlines that give it a remarkable variegated shimmer. Being a mid-weight fabric, it calls out to be turned into outerwear and since I own no autumn jackets beyond my (somewhat ratty) jean jacket, I afforded myself 3 metres and this Burda lined jacket pattern. I haven’t bought the lining yet, but I’m partial to finding something in green rather than the expected black.

Before I get onto this, however, I’ve got a plaid jumper all cut out and waiting to be sewn. I’m aiming to work on it a little tonight and finish on the weekend so I can get on to other autumn wear.

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