This just seems like such a weird topic for a personal blog – but I am thinking that after eight years of blogging (more than 1300 posts on this blog alone, plus two other blogs) – it might be time for some personal rebranding.

When I started out as Red Cedar in 2003 (first on Livejournal, those early posts have been lost in the interwebs) I was in a pretty different place in my life than I am right now. More serious in some ways, more somber, more earthy – and a lot younger in experience than I feel now. All of that transition has of course been written about here – my thoughts, my moves, my fears and friends’ arrests, my marriage and now my family and home have all graced these pages and looking back I am strangely grateful to have such a complete document of my thirties thus far.

But for the last couple of years I’ve been feeling like “Red Cedar” is a bit too obscure and removed from the image I want to project online. As a result I started “Among the Weeds” last year where I started to document my household exploits – gardening, cooking, and some household sewing, plus I posted a few posts to “” which consisted of photo-poems. Although I was hoping to provide regular material to each, I’ve found that keeping three blogs up isn’t possible – and what with requirements to keep a reading journal for school in blog format, I’m not expecting to have more blogging hours anytime soon.

So I’m thinking of rolling all three blogs into one and retitling myself Madam Eliza – which is an anagram of my real name – and going with Madam Eliza’s Miss-Adventures. Apparently I can get the domain I want for this, and I would redirect my other domains to the new one so as not to lose readers in the process. I really feel like it’s time to give my blog a more human and energetic face, as well as retract into a single presence in order to ensure daily posting again. I just don’t have the time and energy to build audiences and content for three or four blog-presences – and really, it’s all personal blogging anyway.

I’m not sure anyone out there really cares – but I’m wondering as readers, do any of you have any thoughts on this? Does it matter? Do I have to keep the same online persona forever or is it okay to change? Is Madam Eliza too dorky for words? Let me know if you have any thoughts. I’m impulsive so I might more on this sooner rather than later.

2 Comments on “Re-branding.

  1. The obscurity seems specious. Consistent online nyms matter in that it makes it easier to find items by a particular person. When I look for someone’s work/ideas, I don’t usually want to think about when they wrote it or what phase of life they thought they were going through.
    I’m all for the right to compartmentalize, though – there’s no rule that says you have to be one person only!

    Marginally related, not sure why this came to mind, aside from the notion that names are related to nyms. Names are a tricky subject at the best of times; see for a laugh and a half, followed by a “Huh”, and followed by “OMJF, how many ways am I doing that too?”

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