Life catching up.

Ah. After tomorrow I am on a week of holidays – garden tour, brunch on Sunday, then five days of camping before a long-weekend visit of the in-laws. That’s lots isn’t it? I’m hoping to get some sewing in there when we get back from Cathedral Lakes… after a dress disaster this week, I’m a bit behind on my one garment per week goal. This picture here is last week’s skirt which I sewed in one hurried evening…. But I really would like to get to work on the cherry print halter dress I’ve been plotting for weeks. As soon as the pattern arrives in the mail I’ll be making muslin out of a bedsheet, just to ensure the pattern fit is right before cutting into the costly fabric I just bought to make it!

I also ordered some of this Wrenly Voile for a dress and this WildField to make another Sorbetto top out of. After that I’m switching to fall and winter clothes only as I’m feeling the need to get some woolen skirts and jumpers into the mix. I also have a fall quilt stashed in my cupboard which needs finishing, plus some xmas projects that need a bit of a boost. I am really hoping that my extra day off per week in the fall will help me get some of this done!

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of taking advantage of the three-paycheque month coming up in August (I get those twice a year, very exciting) and using the extra cash to fill the kitchen larder full for the better part of a year. That means, all our canned veggies and fruits, a freezer-order of meat from the local butcher, all the dried legumes for a year, cooking oil, vinegars, sugars and flours – which would leave us only having to purchase our fresh veggies and dairy weekly. I’m thinking that might really cut down on the food bill, and help me reconcile the smaller paycheques without feeling it as much.

We are already prodigious canners in the late summer – which really does keep costs down on stuff like canned tomatoes, condiments, bbq sauce, tomato sauce etc. – so this is really just going the next full step to an annual purchasing system of legumes and other non-perishables and a semi-annual purchase of meat and fish. I’m going to track it all using as my budgeting tool and see where we end up with grocery spending by September 1st of 2012.

In other news I’m just doing a lot of reading for my university program which starts in September – but even so I still feel behind…. My goal is to get all the course texts read before the start of the course so that I can focus during the semester on deeper reading and getting something out of the discussions rather than scrambling to keep up. We’ll see how much I get read before September 7th!


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