Summer, where are you?

Current downpour be damned, I’m still counting on this summer to turn better, and I’m kinds of ways towards my summer plans. Not only are we planning trips, but I’ve got at least four sewing projects I’d like to complete this summer to keep my occupied on the rainy days. Not to mention the canning. As always, there will be lots of canning.

First up is a trip to Victoria this weekend – which now includes a pizza-night birthday party, a bike sale, Saturday brunch, and the wedding of some old Victoria friends – ensuring that we will see just about everyone we know from my old-school Victoria social network in one go.

Next weekend is the Hastings-Sunrise garden tour that I’m organizing and a little bbq at our house afterwards.

Then, the last week of July we are heading back to Cathedral Lakes provincial park with our friends Will and Kyla for a week of camping, fishing, hiking, and hanging out.

In August both sets of our parents are coming for visits on succeeding weekends, then I have a union convention in Victoria, and then Brian and I are off to Wells Gray Park for another week of camping, hiking and fishing. On the way home we’re planning one night in a B&B in Keremeos and the purchase of our winter fruit and veggies for canning.

But for all this we need some sun dammit! And I refuse to believe that we won’t get it.

In the interim I am working on a new skirt for summer and a dress for fall. I had started a new dress on the weekend but the collar details are making me insane so I am putting it aside. I am still waiting for the pattern and the black cherry fabric to arrive so I can start on that summer halter as well.

Also, when I get paid next week I’m going to order enough of this fabric:

to make this dress:

Oh – and that’s on top of reading 19 texts for my fall course start, and applying for jobs that look halfway decent when they appear. It’s lots I think, but it would be so great to complete this summer with a couple good trips under my belt and a few new dresses for the wardrobe – even if it never does get warm enough to wear them this year.

2 Comments on “Summer, where are you?

  1. If it’s any consolation it will likely be really hot in some of the places you plan to visit!

    • That’s what I’m hoping. BUt I also think it’s supposed to be really mosquitoey too. Ah. Summer in BC 🙂

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