Winter passing…..

A crap election. A sinus infection. (Gee those rhyme)…. and yet I’m feeling okay today, not quite as despairing, like spring is in the air and I am on the mend (thanks antibiotics!).

I’m not overly peppy or anything, but I don’t feel quite so bad as the last couple of days. A good thing since I have *lots* to get ready for B’s birthday dinner on Saturday. Like finish making a whole new set of linens (10 placemats, 10 matching napkins) for our new table – which I am hoping will happen tonight. Nine of the placemats are done and the napkins are on the agenda for this evening…… Time-consuming, but I am quite pleased with how it’s all turning out so I think the effort will be worth it. And the menu! I’m super-excited about that but I can’t post it here because B. might see and it’s a surprise.

In other news, I received an email yesterday that says I’ve been accepted into grad school for the fall which I am really super-happy about. My worklife has been in a bit of a rut lately, my union life is morphing into something else, and I have been hoping grad school might be my ticket to some new intellectual interests, writing inspiration, and connections with people. So yay! I get to go after all, even though I was sure I blew my interview last week, that my essay was no good, and that my reference letters never made it to their intended destinations. (I have a lot of angst about worthiness as you can tell).

So I’ve got some reading to do anyway. A whole summer’s worth, and at least one Greek play before the first “informal” seminar in June (classes don’t actually start until September). Hopefully I can keep up!

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