Learning self-care.

I’m starting to suspect that my fatigue of the last two days is related to getting a cold rather than returning from holidays. Yuck. Sore throat and still really tired. I’m hoping to make it through today at least since I have two meetings and a dentist appointment. Tomorrow I can be sick (but only until Friday because we’re going to the in-laws for Easter weekend)……Oh, if only we could control such things!

Awhile ago my fitness instructor at the YWCA gave us this quote to think about – “You can not control your life, you can control how you live” – which is obvious right? Apparently not to everyone because several people in my class didn’t really understand what that meant – but it resonated with me. Specifically this question of self-care, motivation, and living a life that is enjoyable as well as responsible – which are all matters that I can control, even if I can’t control all the circumstances thrown at me (like the timing of this cold).

One thing I realized after a week at Breitenbush is that taking real downtime on a regular basis would probably help reduce my overall stress levels. The other thing I’ve started to grok is that digital devices are a real impediment to getting any real downtime – not to mention the computer as a total demotivator to getting other things accomplished in the evenings (we don’t have TV, so the computer has become my time-wasting stand-in).

To that end I’ve decided to incorporate two practices into my routine to encourage downtime and de-stressing even while going about my busy city life:

  1. Regular massage/cranio sacral appointments, and
  2. No computer or phone email-checking after 7 pm. If we’re watching a movie I’ll make an exception for having the laptop active, but otherwise I don’t want to deal with the outside world after seven in the evening.

I’m going to try this out for a couple of months and see if it helps boost my overall emotional resilience – particularly as I expect May will be hectic with parties, union conventions and other good times, so it’s super-important that I find time to check-out when I can.

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