Presently busy planting.

Tis the season for a lot of blogging over at my house and garden blog Among the Weeds as gardening, sewing and other housey stuff entirely take my mind away from my more intellectual and political pursuits. Even this morning as I sit down to write this I’m thinking about what to do in the front yard – greenhouse vs. polytunnel – where our new pond is going to go – what plants I can grow given the shade trees that line our street. Nothing that I would write about here – hence the silence of the past few days.

Besides thinking obsessively about the house, plotting my next book review, and spending as much time as possible with spring doings – I am eagerly anticipating our vacation to Breitenbush Hot Springs next week. I’m not sure the weather will be any better than it has been here, but we will be without telephone and internet for a whole five days, meals will be cooked for us, and we will have access to as much hot springs and yoga as we could possibly want. (In Brian’s case that is *no* yoga, and lots of hot springs.) I’m looking forward to the downtime in particular, especially as after we get back we are into six weeks of solid activity again and I need a little recharger before that happens.

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