Dinner party season….

Does anyone else notice that the January to March period is a bit of a social deadzone? Every year I find myself fretting by mid-March that we just aren’t doing enough social stuff…. and I wonder if I’ve done something to offend most of our friends, or perhaps I’m just not putting myself out there enough? Premature of course, because by May our calendar is full up again and remains that way until the end of August/beginning of September (another strange social deadzone).

But perhaps that’s just us, and other people are frantically attending dinner parties and social gatherings all year round….

Anyhow – all that was just a preamble to the fact that we are going into dinner party season this year with a brand-new table that was just delivered on the weekend. Seats six comfortably and with leaves will seat 10-12! Which is endlessly exciting to me because I love to have big dinners and am tired of cobbling together two small tables in order to do so. So voila! The table with both leaves:

Of course the photo doesn’t really do it justice. Suffice to say it is a beautiful table, made with recycled wood from a torn-down buildling in Langley. Designer and builder is Al Vande and he makes other beautiful wood creations from recycled barn wood and doors as well (when we went to his shop in Chilliwack, he showed us this amazing headboard made from an old door). Best thing about going custom is that we got a table exactly to the specifications of our small (and awkward) dining room space.

Next step? Organizing some eaters to come break in the new furniture.

2 Comments on “Dinner party season….

  1. Now that would make me feel Great … a recycled table from an old barn – what a great connection to the past! Looks beautiful – can’t wait to see photos of those dinner parties!
    Debbie 🙂

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