Super productive Saturday!

I am uploading the first photos for the 2011 garden season to my Flickr account, but needed to take a stop in here to gloat a little at the tremendous amount of work we got done in the garden this morning:

  • irrigation system installed in all the boxes and on that side of the yard
  • 3 yards of mulch received at 8 am, distributed to all the places it belongs
  • March seeds planted: peas, gai lan, joi choi, sui choi, radish & mustard
  • Front yard raked of debris and mulch spread on the boulevard bed

This follows on last weekend’s successful start at getting all the beds turned, a hole dug out for the bathtub in which we planted bamboo (to the left in the above picture), cleaned out all the potted things and replanted many of them, and dug in two new blueberry bushes that have been sitting in pots all winter waiting for a new home.

With all that (and in particular the irrigation system which I am very excited about) we are officially ready for spring planting now and not a moment too soon. Bring on the warmer weather!

4 Comments on “Super productive Saturday!

  1. what material are you using in your paths? and are you happy with it?

  2. Fir-Hemlock blend. It’s lovely and smells great, but doesn’t have the plant-killing properties of cedar mulch…. ordered it from Greenway who delivered it exactly when they said they would. This is a very nice product and $10 cheaper than composted bark mulch per yard (we found that after two winters our bark mulch was pretty much composted anyway!

  3. Looking at your posted photograph is proof positive that I really dislike people with clean, organized, orderly minds!

    Happy gardening

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