Two notes essentially saying the same thing.

At work a few weeks ago the following note was posted in our shared kitchen:

Yesterday, someone took it down and replaced it with this:

More direct, less passive aggression. Which wins?

3 Comments on “Two notes essentially saying the same thing.

  1. I like the replacement better. How’s gonna ignore Aragorn? Killing trolls and goblins or washing dishes and wiping up … same thing, just as satisfying.

  2. I can only say that I used to hate when, as an agent, I worked late in a real estate office, years ago, and all the other agents would run off, leaving their coffee mugs- and their clients mugs- piled high in the sink. As closer, I was forced to wash them all. Until one day I stopped, and taped a big note RIGHT OVER THE PILE OF MUGS that said:” I am not your mother, Clean your own damn dishes!” And as there were no clean mugs left in the place, they had to surrender and consider changing their selfish ways. This post just brought that moment up for me, and it happened over 20 years ago.

  3. *definitely* the replacement! omg, it’s amazing. i might need to copy it here at my work, although i worry that i’m kinda the only dork who will value the LOTR refrerence.
    for an organization that is disportionately highly staffed by nurses who work in public health, our kitchen is a disaster many days. it’s become a joke that it will inevitably be raised during every staff meeting. and mentioned to such an extent that, even at the end of a staff meeting where someone has commented on being able to actually get through a staff meeting where the dish pile-up has not been mentioned, that comment will then initiate another discussion on how gross the dishes, sink, counters, microwave, or fridge has become.
    but yeah, the humour in the second note is defintely way more inspiring…i just envision him upon his white horse with his sword glistening, off to do battle with the molds, fungii, and spilled soup….am lol-ing right now…

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