What is Required Reading?

Brian and I launched the new blog Required Readings this week – tagline being “Culturally-significant texts: Across genres, across the ages.”

After poring through so many “best of” and Western canon lists we figured, hell – why not make our own? And so Brian has very busily compiled a list of over 700 texts and we are aiming to write a synopsis and defense for each one of those titles being on the list over the next long while. One book = one blog post. And we expect the list to keep growing too because this is an interactive project! So far we have only two books “reviewed” for the site, but I’ve got another in the hopper today so expect that count to rise on a daily basis as we research and write about culturally-significant novels, poems, plays, philosophy and non-fiction.

Got suggestions for the list? Please add them in the comments section. We want to create a bit of a debate and dialogue around this project – so please pass it along!


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