Sewing, book reviews and getting ready for the bees

For your visual pleasure – here is a phone-picture of the market bags I finished this morning which are a housewarming present for some friends. I really love making these because they are so straight-forward, and the inside pockets can be customized for whatever the bag is being used for. I also managed to make a simple zippered pouch today using this tutorial. I had started with another tutorial that just wasn’t doing it for me, but since there about a hundred different explanations for making zippered pouches on the web, it was really easy to find a better one. I can’t say it turned out perfectly, but for the first time ever, I sewed a zipper into something and that’s progress in my books.

I’m hoping to have some garden pictures by tomorrow, along with some of the finished beehive because B. and I were hard at work this morning (early, before the torrential downpour started) clearing out our bee-space at the back of the garden. Over the winter it became our bucket and planter stashing spot and so we moved everything out of the way, planted a couple more vines along the back fence, and re-mulched the area with half-rotted leaves and bark mulch. Tomorrow morning we’re going to work on putting the top-bar beehive together now that I’ve glued all my wood – I’m a bit nervous about how this is going to go, but I suppose the worst that can happen is $10 of wood gets trashed and I get frustrated, so that’s not particularly awful. On the other hand, I believe my bees are on their way in the mail (c/o West Coast Bee Supply) and I want to make sure things are all set-up for when the package arrives.

And for those of you who are curious – yes, I am buying a package of bees, they come in a box with a caged queen and apparently 3 pounds worth is what I need to start a hive.

Look forward to lots of book reviews in the next couple of weeks here as well as I try to get through the stack of books for review in an orderly fashion. I’ve been really blessed lately to have a number of great volumes end up in my possession and I’m working my way through them for posting here as the spring season kicks off. Wet as it was this morning in my garden, I found myself getting really excited as we moved planters around and tidied up a bit – I’m hoping for another great gardening year with a steep learning curve on the bees and some fine-tuning of my planting plan from 2010.

2 Comments on “Sewing, book reviews and getting ready for the bees

  1. Looking forward to watching your bee adventures…very interesting and exciting. Makes me remember as I waited for my red worms to arrive in the mail – making sure everything was all set for them.
    Wishing you the best – will be watching 🙂

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