Matching Market Bags

Matching market bags

As an early birthday present, Brian gave me six yards of beautiful, crazy fabric last week – which I wasn’t expecting at all (he gave it to me to prove a point in an argument about how “yes he would so buy me fabric”)….. and this weekend I spent some time making a couple of market bags out of an Alexander Henry print which turned out quite nicely (if I do say so myself). I’m just learning about interfacing – which I used on one side of the fabric – and I even made wallet pockets inside each of these bags (interfaced and lined!)

To make the bag, I used this tutorial from Oh Fransson for lunch bags and altered it according to the size of fabric I had to work with. Also, I decided to attach a strap instead of doing the grommet-handle thing because I wanted a wider strap that could go over the shoulder. Now that I’ve got the pattern figured out (you can see my prototype bag sans interfacing below), I can knock one of these off in under an hour. Easy-Peasy!

Different coloured linings - how exciting!
The prototype bag - I love it even though it's not interfaced....



3 Comments on “Matching Market Bags

  1. I am loving that fabric and your design!! Thinking that would make an amazingly cool diaper bag 🙂 will you take orders??

  2. Yes! Brian is an awesome chooser of fabric 🙂

    Jenny – if you would like one, I just have to order more of that fabric… and seriously they take me no time to make (not that we’re talking precision sewing here). For a diaper bag I would probably include a couple more interior pockets for little things. When are you due? I’d love to make you one for you!

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