A brand new room

Last night I came home from labour council to discover that in my absence, B. had totally rearranged our “office” to make room for me to have a functional sewing area again. This is something I haven’t had since I lived on the Sunshine Coast – a whole table where my sewing machine can live full time rather than carting it on and off the dining room table.

Our office has never been much of an office so much as a junk room with a TV for watching movies and a fold-out futon for guests – and we’ve discussed more than once getting it cleaned up. Yesterday after my dental appointment we went over the bookshelf with reckless abandon, pulling out everything we couldn’t justify keeping for the discard pile. And while we had talked about getting furniture rearranged, I didn’t quite believe that would happen this week. But lo! In just two hours B. had got it done, and so when I came home I spent an hour arranging my sewing/crafting stuff.This was very exciting.

Funny how having a brand new, clean space to work makes me want to sit down immediately and start on something! But I held myself back because it was bed time and am looking forward to B.’s absence this weekend so I can have quiet time in the house for sewing and making things. This was another thing I had a lot of when I lived on the Sunshine Coast besides a sewing room — lots and lots of quiet time alone. That’s something I don’t necessarily want to go back to (I love my family and my home!), but it is nice to have slices of it once and awhile.

This office repurposing is just one of our many ongoing decluttering efforts, as B. and I each work towards letting go of the stuff we no longer need to make room for more of our life together. This weekend I think I’ll get into the sewing room closet (eek!)

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